VelocityEHS is an established global leader in providing SDS management solutions to advance global regulatory compliance for companies large and small in the international marketplace. Our ChemTel hazardous chemical transportation safety and compliance services and MSDSonline SDS/Chemical Management solutions are trusted around the world to simplify compliance with requirements by OSHA, DOT, EPA, and global regulatory agencies. We make it easy to provide all necessary parties with rapid access to accurate Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for purposes of training, garnering information and handling emergencies.

We can create customized SDS programs which will encompass the full spectrum of services from authoring, management and distribution. Our knowledgeable support staff and project management team will ensure a comprehensive approach to your SDS compliance program.

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Customized SDS Websites That Are Designed, Hosted and Maintained by VelocityEHS ChemTel

VelocityEHS' ChemTel first introduced the SDS Website in 1997. This efficient and innovative method of online SDS management was developed through a joint venture with a major communications company. Today, we design, host, build, and maintain SDS websites for companies of all sizes. The SDS Website offers companies the most efficient and cost effective method of:

  • Providing SDS to employees 365/24/7 for OSHA HazCom compliance
  • Providing SDS to field and satellite offices
  • Providing SDS to internal shipping departments or contract shippers
  • Providing SDS's to customers 365/24/7

The SDS Website affords your company paperless compliance with multiple regulations. It eliminates or significantly reduces the amount of time your personnel use to manage, maintain and distribute SDSs.

The SDS Website is designed and built to incorporate your company logo, corporate colors, and selected functionality and search engine criteria. Each SDS Website is a custom developed solution based upon the objectives of the client. There is no need to have all of your SDSs on hand in order to contract with VelocityEHS ChemTel to create your SDS website. We simply need a list which includes product name, product number and manufacturer name. Our sourcing staff will source the most current version of all applicable SDS for inclusion in your website.

The SDS Website is hosted on one of our secure servers. It can be a free-standing domain which would be open to public browsing and internet search engine hits or it can be linked to your corporate intranet and available only to your employees. Optionally, front-end security requiring a password for SDS Website access can be easily implemented at the client’s discretion, as well as multiple login and password requirements for distribution to customers or distributors.

VelocityEHS ChemTel continuously maintains the SDS Website by adding SDSs for new products as they are received from the client or directly from client’s vendors. We can assist the client in incorporating SDS retrieval into their procurement process and create a hands-free system of keeping your SDS library up to date.

Features and Benefits of VelocityEHS ChemTel’s professional SDS website and hosting:

  • Compliance with OSHA Hazardous Communications Regulations
  • Confidence that your SDS will always be available reducing potential liablility
  • Eliminate the need for administrative staff to manage SDS retrieval and distribution
  • Provides for greater efficiencies in your HSE department
  • Eliminates the need for SDS binders and storage of hard copy SDS
  • Accessibility of SDS on smart phones and hand held devices
  • Reduces corporate risk by having SDS available 24/7, nights, weekends and holidays


VelocityEHS' ChemTel utilizes an in-house technical staff comprised of chemists, industrial toxicologists, industrial hygienists, CHMMs (Certified Hazardous Materials Managers), and other regulatory compliance professionals to author, update, revise and convert to alternative formats Safety Data Sheets. We do not utilize a packaged SDS creation software program. Our SDSs are custom written utilizing the knowledge of our experienced staff along with the most current governmental and environmental reference materials to which VelocityEHS ChemTel has select access.

Our technical department will determine what type of document your company needs based on the geographical distribution of your product line and will ensure that all pertinent technical and regulatory information is included while maintaining as much formulary confidentiality as possible.

Features and benefits of utilizing the VelocityEHS ChemTel technical department to create your SDSs

  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Professional and customized document which reflects your corporate image
  • Uncomplicated process
  • Compliance to any selected standard (ANSI, CPL, EU, GHS, OSHA, REACH, WHMIS)
  • Availability of Multi-jurisdictional SDS for combining standards on one document
  • Efficient production time (normally 5-7 business days)
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Rush service available


The nature of hazardous materials compliance is rapidly changing and workplace and environmental safety issues should be of paramount importance to any business. Because the role of an SDS is to provide detailed information on each hazardous chemical component, including its potential hazardous effects, its physical and chemical characteristics and recommendations for appropriate protective measures, the availability and distribution of these documents is a tightly regulated process. Having an effective SDS distribution program in place is an essential component of a fail-safe hazard communications program.

According to 29 CFR 1910.1200(g)(6) the responsibilities of chemical manufacturers or importers are to ensure that distributors are provided with an SDS with their initial shipment, and with the first shipment after a data sheet is updated. Distributors are required to provide SDS in the same manner that chemical manufacturers and importers are. The SDS must be provided to commercial customers with the initial shipment and with the first shipment after a data sheet has been updated. Retail distributors must provide, upon request, SDS to commercial customers and post a sign or otherwise inform them that a SDS is available.

Managing a successful SDS compliance program "in house" can be an overwhelming task. Outsourcing the distribution of your SDSs to VelocityEHS ChemTel will result in significant cost efficiencies, increased productivity for your staff, increased value to downstream end-user customers, improved compliance, reduced risk and protection of your corporate brand.

ChemTel ensures a trustworthy and reliable method of SDS provision to any and all parties you designate.

MSDS on Demand (MOD) Program

Requests may be submitted through our toll free phone number, via email to a customized email address, by fax or by mail. The SDS(s) will be transferred electronically to the requesting party. Large fulfillment requests may be delivered via an FTP site, electronic zip files, by mail or courier service. Benefits include:

  • 24-hour, 365-day access and fulfillment
  • Client directs who is authorized to receive SDSs (i.e. company employees only, customers only, or open access)
  • Prompt fulfillment for any SDS on file
  • OSHA regulatory support
  • Call forwarding to/ conferencing with National Poison Control Center
  • Foreign language translation on live calls
  • Detailed monthly request and fulfillment log report provided
  • SDS not provided by client will be sourced from VelocityEHS ChemTel database or directly from manufacturer if necessary


VelocityEHS ChemTel always strives to fulfill SDS requests in an expeditious manner however response times may vary depending on the type of request. Emergency requests will take precedence over all others and will be fulfilled immediately within 15 minutes of the request. Emergency requests include those relating to human exposure, poisoning, fire, chemical spill, environmental contamination, or animal exposure. Requests resulting from an OSHA or other regulatory body inspection will be treated with the same level of urgency.

Critical non-emergency requests will be fulfilled immediately to within 90 minutes. Critical non-emergency requests include non-emergency employee, customer, or consumer requests.


The VelocityEHS ChemTel chemical product label review service provides your company with the information it needs to display on a particular product’s label. Out technical staff can review and assist in the creation of compliant labels for a variety of different needs.

  • Label can be created in accordance with regulations by US CPSC, OSHA, Canadian CCCR, CPR, and the EU.
  • VelocityEHS ChemTel will provide a document including all technical information, symbols, and pictograms that are required to be on the label.
  • If translations are necessary, they will be included. We can complete translations for any required languages.


Regulations which mandate that Safety Data Sheets must be authored in the official language of the country into which a product is shipped have created a huge demand in the marketplace for SDS translations. VelocityEHS' ChemTel employs a network of certified translators who specialize in various scientific fields to translate our client SDSs into 25 modern languages. We do not utilize translation software programs as these are inaccurate and unreliable. Precise Safety Data Sheet translation Element Selection requires understanding and expertise in chemical terminology and phraseology which is why we have implemented a highly selective process to qualify our translators. All completed translations are examined and approved by a second professional to ensure the accuracy and competency of the SDS.

Features and benefits of utilizing the VelocityEHS ChemTel technical department to translate your SDS:

  • Guaranteed acceptance of your translated document by foreign regulatory agencies or customs authorities.
  • Professional and customized document
  • Translated SDS remains in the same format as the original SDS
  • Efficient production time (normally within 5 business days)
  • Label development in conjunction with document translation


For manufacturers, effective and compliant SDS management encompasses the process of collecting and maintaining SDS from vendors and suppliers as well as creating and maintaining SDS for products they manufacture. Distributors must collect and maintain the SDSs of all products they purchase and resell. The basis for this requirement is outlined in Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR § 1910.1200 .The purpose of this section is to ensure that the hazards of all chemicals produced or imported are evaluated, and that information concerning their hazards is transmitted to employers and employees. This transmittal of information is to be accomplished with the supplying of an SDS. Employers must maintain copies of any SDSs that are received with incoming shipments of hazardous chemicals or shall obtain a SDS as soon as possible for hazardous chemicals received without an SDS. If an employee requests an SDS, the employer shall ensure that the SDS(s) are readily available.

VelocityEHS’ acquisition of ChemTel combines VelocityEHS’ industry leading MSDSonline SDS/Chemical Management platform with ChemTel’s emergency response operations center and hazardous materials transportation consulting services, offering cloud-based solutions that make it easier than ever before to track, manage and report on hazardous chemicals and provide right-to-know access to safety data sheets. Our system ensures compliance and greatly improves efficiencies. Our system ensures compliance and greatly improves efficiencies.