OSHA Penalty Adjustments – Effective August 1, 2016
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OSHA Penalty Adjustments – Effective August 1, 2016

OSHA adjusts minimum penalty to account for inflation.






OSHA’s maximum penalties have not been adjusted since 1990. This adjustment will result in the maximum penalties to be increased by 78%. The agency now plans to adjust for inflation by increasing its penalties each year based on the Consumer Price Index.


State that operate their own Occupational Safety and Health Plans are required to adopt the adjusted maximum level penalties that are at least as effective as the Federal OSHA’s established limits.


Any citations issued after August 1, 2016 will follow the pricing structure below:

Type of Violation  Current Maximum Penalty New Maximum Penalty
Posting Requirements
$7,000 per violation $12,471 per violation
Failure to Abate $7,000 per day beyond the abatement date $12,471 per day beyond the abatement date
Willful or Repeated $70,000 per violation $124,709 per violation



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